Pricing Designed for Success.


per client matter
  • Unlimited usage until case is resolved
  • Billable to the client as a hard cost
  • Integrated with case software
  • HIPAA compliant and 100% encrypted
  • White-glove onboarding
  • First 5 clients free!

Maximize Your Efficiency with RECORD

Enhance Your Legal Practice with RECORD

In personal injury law, top-notch client service is crucial. RECORD enhances this, affordably. It reduces overhead by shifting data collection to clients and, as a client-focused tool, can be billed as a recoverable hard cost at settlement. This streamlines case management and aligns with your financial needs.

Unlimited Free Trial – Get Started in Minutes

Jumpstart your experience with RECORD through our 60-day free trial for the first 5 clients. No credit card required – experience full access to all features with zero upfront cost.

  • Effortless Start: Set up in less than 5 minutes and begin improving your case management immediately.
  • Full Feature Access: Explore RECORD's comprehensive functionalities during the trial.
  • Zero Risk: Evaluate RECORD's fit for your firm without any financial commitment.

Simple, Transparent Pricing

With RECORD, you get straightforward pricing: pay $99 only when a client logs into the app. No charges for clients who don't engage, ensuring you get value straight from client action.

  • Recoverable Cost: Bill RECORD's fee as a hard cost of the case, recoverable at settlement.
  • Client Engagement: Boost client participation and transparency with no hidden costs.
  • Resource Optimization: High-quality service at a cost-effective rate, maximizing your firm’s efficiency.

RECORD vs. Traditional Client Portals

You're likely looking for client portals to enhance transparency and demonstrate the dedicated efforts on each case, aiming to deepen trust with your clients. However, you may find that many traditional portals fall short in delivering the true value you and your clients deserve.

Client Data Entry
✅ Clients can enter all data
Other Portals
❌ Limited client input
Transparency & Accessibility
✅ Insights from data they enter
Other Portals
❌ Subset of attorney's work
Collaboration & Communication
✅ Seamless collaboration
Other Portals
❌ Minimal interaction
Security & Compliance
✅ Robust security measures
Other Portals
❌ Limited security
Customization & Integration
✅ Tailored to your practice
Other Portals
❌ One-Size-Fits-All Templates

With RECORD, you can revolutionize the traditional client portal experience. Empower your clients to input each detail related to their case and provide them unrestricted access to every nuance. Rather than merely offering a glimpse into your efforts, RECORD bridges the gap between you and your clients with a solution that's truly focused on their needs.