Tracking Pain Scores
with RECORD.

Effortless support for tracking pain.

The RECORD app includes a pain score feature that allows clients to report their pain score to their attorney, and no one else. This feature can be used for a couple of purposes:

Screenshot of the RECORD App

Providing information to the attorney.

By reporting their pain score to their attorney, clients can provide valuable information about the effectiveness of their treatment. If a client's pain score is not improving, or is even getting worse, this can be an indication that the treatment is not working as intended. By tracking pain scores over time, attorneys can use this information to advocate for their clients and ensure that they are receiving the best possible care.

Educational exercise for the client.

In addition to providing information to the attorney, the pain score feature can also be used as an educational exercise for clients. By logging their pain score on a regular basis, clients can become more aware of their pain levels and how they change over time. This can be helpful for understanding how different activities or triggers affect their pain, and for being able to provide their doctor with accurate and up-to-date information when asked about their pain levels. Overall, the pain score feature can be a useful tool for tracking progress and managing pain.

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