Seamless Integration
with Case Management Software.

Effortless support for staying organized and on top of your case.

One of the key features of the RECORD app is its ability to push client information directly into the attorney's case management system. This means that attorneys can access all of their clients' information from the RECORD app, without having to log in to multiple systems or manually transfer data. Here's how it works:

No extra logins.

With the RECORD app, attorneys can access their clients' information using their existing case management software. This means that they don't have to remember additional login information or switch between multiple systems. Everything is accessible from within the case management software that they already use.

All client information is where it should be.

When clients enter information into the RECORD app, it is automatically pushed into the attorney's case management system. This means that all of the relevant information is populated in the appropriate place, without any extra effort on the part of the attorney. This can be especially helpful for attorneys who are managing multiple cases, as it can be time-consuming to manually transfer data from one system to another.

Overall, the seamless integration between the RECORD app and case management software is a key feature that can help attorneys stay organized and on top of their cases.

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