Staying Engaged
with RECORD.

Effortless support for staying on track and motivated.

The RECORD app is designed to keep clients engaged on a regular basis, ideally on a daily basis. This is because regular engagement means that clients are providing a lot of valuable information to their attorney, which can be used to support their case. Here are a few ways that we keep clients engaged:

Screenshot of the RECORD App


The RECORD app sends notifications to clients' devices to keep them entering information on a regular basis. These notifications might include reminders to update their pain score, complete a daily task, or upload new injury photos. By providing regular reminders and prompts, the app can help to keep clients on track and ensure that their attorney has all the information they need.

Daily streak counter.

Like social media apps, the RECORD app includes a daily streak counter that monitors how many days in a row clients have participated on the app. This can be a helpful way to keep clients motivated and encourage them not to lose their streak. By seeing their streak grow over time, clients can feel a sense of accomplishment and be motivated to keep participating on the app.


Finally, the RECORD app includes milestones that are similar to awards. These milestones are both a way to reward clients for their efforts and give them an outlook as to what lies ahead on their case. For example, a milestone might be awarded for completing a certain number of daily tasks, or for reaching a certain point in the legal process. By providing these milestones, the app can help to keep clients engaged and motivated as they work through their case.

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